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Hire Digital Marketing Experts in India: Leveraging Global Talent for Business Growth

With so many companies vying for our attention, why do you think only some succeed?  If you think it is due to their stellar product or service offering, you are only partially correct. While having an outstanding product or service is crucial, it’s equally important to market it effectively.  


Consider, for example, Kodak. The firm dominated photography for most of the 20th century and invented digital photography but filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012. At that time, the company had over 20,000 patents in its portfolio. So, having a stellar product portfolio won’t matter if you do not know the way to market it.  


This is why businesses hire digital marketing expert. Let’s give you another example- GoPro. It’s amazing that a company that began its journey in 2002 reigns in the highly competitive adventurous world of action cameras. GoPro’s success lies in its high-quality and innovative products along with its amazing marketing strategies.  


Ever since starting its journey, GoPro has effectively leveraged its user-generated content to promote its position as an adventure-driven brand. And GoPro isn’t alone. From Apple to Adobe, Google to Salesforce, every successful big business you can think of leverages digital marketing along with a stellar product/service portfolio to stay ahead. 


So, whether you are just starting your journey or have long years of business experience, you must hire digital marketing experts to stay ahead. Why?  Because only digital marketing experts can craft a long-term strategy or the roadmap for your success. But, before you start looking for one, let’s look at the job market a bit. 


The Changing Landscape 


The world we know around us is changing rapidly. And with that the way we consume content is also changing. Consider yourself for example. How do you consume entertainment? Mostly through the smartphone screen. Isn’t it? And you aren’t alone.  

Research projects that average American spends about 7 hours and 4 minutes staring at screen daily. Out of which 3 hours and 43 minutes are spent on mobile. Consequently, businesses advertising has also undergone a transformation in the US. Since 2020, US businesses have started investing more in digital advertising than traditional platforms as the following figure illustrates.  


Researchers further predict that digital ad spending will continue to grow at 2% annually, reaching $394.67 billion or 82.4% of total ad spend by 2027.  


The growth of digital advertising will also fuel the growth in requirement of competent digital marketing managers. Businesses will also feel the need to hire web content writers, SMM experts, etc. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 6% growth in vacancies for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers between 2022 and 2032.  


This means they expect around 34,000 new job openings every year in these areas. The bureau predicts that job opportunities in these fields will grow faster than the average for all jobs. Additionally, the estimate for median salary is $138,730 per year or $66.70 per hour. 


Problem for Small and Medium Enterprises 


One of the top problems SMEs face in hiring SEO experts is affordability. Top talents in the industry generally command a salary beyond the hiring budgets of most small and medium businesses. Moreover, larger businesses can easily lure away your resources with the promise of higher salaries and benefits. 


Furthermore, foreign-born individuals accounted for 13% of the US population in 2013. The USA had 25.7 million foreign-born workers, constituting 16.5% of the total civilian workforce. Many immigrants come to the US seeking a better standard of living, often opting to work for large corporations attracted by higher salaries and benefits. This adds to the challenge for small and medium businesses in hiring digital marketing experts.  


Solution- Remote Hiring 


The solution to this poignant issue lies in embracing remote hiring. By partnering with a remote hiring agency, you can hire digital marketing experts at a fraction of the local hiring costs. Let’s now explore the top benefits of doing so.  


  • Top talents at budget 

Since the liberalization of India’s economy, it has been experiencing rapid growth. This expansion has created opportunities, enabling Indian immigrants to return to their home country. Top remote hiring organizations, like Remote Resource, tap into this talent pool after evaluating individuals for their domain expertise and communication skills.  

This allows you to also hire PPC experts/ email marketing experts along with a digital marketing expert without overshooting your budget. Companies like Remote Resource TM let you work with the top 10% of industry talents at a fraction of local hiring costs. 


  • No extra baggage 

Companies must bear several expenses while setting up a local office. This includes infrastructure, logistics, working capital, etc. Moreover, companies must also hire resources to take care of taxation, legal, and other liabilities. The expenses and associated hassles quadruple while setting up a business on foreign shore.  

However, you don’t have to worry about these hassles and costs while working with a remote hiring organization like Remote Resource TM. Remote Resource TM takes care of all expenses and hassles at no extra costs. You just pay for the resource you hire at an hourly rate and forget everything else. Yes, it is as easy as paying for a Netflix subscription.  


  • Focus on core competency! 

As you hire digital marketing experts to strategize and streamline your marketing efforts you will have more time to focus on your core competence. For instance, you will have more time to connect with your customers and respond to their feedback. This will enhance your brand value and increase traction through positive word of mouth.  


  • Test before you pay

Most small businesses are skeptical about hiring a resource from remote staffing organizations. That is why Remote Resource TM offers you a one-week free trial. The company does not even ask for your credit card details during this period and lets you retain ownership of the work done. Moreover, you also have the liberty to directly supervise the resources you hire and make them work in your time zone.  


Summing up 

In the tough competitive business world, it is not enough to have a great product or an awesome service offering. Businesses also need to understand the best way to market their offerings. This is why they must hire digital marketing experts.  However, top talents in the digital marketing domain often command hefty salaries and are beyond the reach of most small and medium enterprises. However, these organizations can close the skill gap by choosing to hire resources from remote staffing organizations in India.  


Organizations like Remote Resource let you hire top talents from a pre-vetted talent pool at a fraction of local hiring costs. Additionally, you do not have to bear additional expenses and can have the resource work in your time zone. Moreover, you can also get a one-week free trial with the resource without the need to submit your credit card details.   


So, why wait? Grab this opportunity to hire email marketing expert, digital marketing expert, SMM expert, content writer and PPC experts at the cost of a local digital marketing expert and stay ahead.  

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