How Remote Staffing Helps Businesses To Grow

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Remote Staffing for Your Business

How Remote Staffing Can Help You Hire Top Talent and Grow Your Business

Employees can make or break a company. This is particularly true for startups and SMBs where even minor infractions or spirited performance by an individual employee can damage or fortify business operations. So, it’s important that organizations seek out and hire good resources and the best means to achieve that is via remote staffing.  

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” – Lawrence Bossidy, former CEO of AlliedSignal. 


Local Hiring Can Be Restrictive 

The employee hiring landscape has witnessed a sea change of late. Earlier companies had to rely solely on local resources to fill empty positions. But there are a few things that work against local hiring, not least when matched up against remote staffing. Let’s look at them. 


  • Hiring costs: Local resources don’t come cheap! Skilled local resources may demand paychecks beyond the means of startups. But remote workers almost always cost much less, well within the hiring budgets of startups and SMBs. For instance, a 2003 study by McKinsey Global Institute revealed that US companies saved up to 60% on manpower costs by outsourcing IT services.  

  • Talent pool: Hiring local restricts startups to a localized talent pool, which may be lacking in key skill sets. It also stops them from tapping into the global talent pool. But remote staffing opens the door to a world of talent. Talent-rich markets like India are home to some of the best resources in any given domain. Startups can leverage the expertise of remote workers to achieve their business goals.  

  • 24/7 operations: What is a business without customers? No matter how large a business organization is, its fate ultimately hinges on customer verdict. Hence, keeping customers happy is paramount. Nothing beats a 24/7 customer support system in the growth of a startup. But local hiring can restrict them from implementing such a process. Remote hiring on the other hand allows startups and SMBs to have virtual assistants on standby 24/7.  

Why Remote Staffing Is Key To Business Growth 

It’s evident that remote staffing saves startups money and lets them hire from the global talent pool and implement a 24/7 customer support system. But that’s not all remote staffing can do for fledgling and established companies.

Founders can focus on core responsibilities 

When startups outsource support functions to offshore hiring companies, the core teams can focus on core competencies like sales strategies and such. Having to micromanage a business can be overwhelming to founders. Remote staffing helps share the load and allows founders to innovate and strategize better. 

Scalability at the fingertips 

Startups experience the ebb and flow of projects. Workloads change depending on project volume and complexity. How remote staffing can help here is by allowing companies to upsize or downsize the team depending on project size. They are not restricted by local hiring laws, enjoying full freedom to hire or lay off resources based on current requirements.  

Risk Mitigation 

Outsourcing support functions to remote workers can mitigate business risks to a great extent. If a particular market or process underperforms or tanks, companies aren’t faced with the tough challenge of laying off local resources.  

Faster Time To Market 

Remote staffing accelerates product development greatly. When companies hire remote workers from talent-rich markets like India, they get to leverage their vast experience and abilities to complete projects faster and market products in no time.   

Cost-Effective Innovation 

Did you know that India has become the go-to market for setting up Research and Development hubs? More and more companies of all sizes are leveraging the affordable talent pool in India for cost-effective innovation to propel their businesses to new heights.  

Increased Market Awareness 

When startups partner with experienced offshoring companies, they get valuable insights into local market trends and demographics. And it can make all the difference between winning and losing!  

Expanding Network 

Remote staffing companies work with a plethora of clients from different parts of the globe. In many ways, they function as bridges between various companies big and small, allowing the latter to expand their network and prosper.  

Best Practices For Employing Remote Workers 

Yes, remote staffing can be rewarding to startups and SMBs in many ways. But how can you extract the best from your remote workers? Let’s have a look! 

Goal setting is key 

Ensure that your remote workers have a clear understanding of their deliverables. Employees are at their best when you set them goals and motivate them to perform better. 

Latest tools and software make life easy 

When working with remote workers, make sure they have access to the latest business tools and applications. Project management SaaS like Basecamp and communication tools like Microsoft Teams bring team members closer, aiding in the quicker execution of projects.  

Training support is paramount 

Make sure your remote team is up-to-date on the latest information in their domain of expertise. It’s always a good idea to invest in employee training. Remote staffing works best when you expose remote workers to the latest in technological innovations and industry trends.  

Recognize and reward achievements 

A motivated employee can skyrocket your business to dizzying heights! Recognize achievements and reward your remote workers with words of appreciation and incentives. That will keep them motivated and in peak form.  

How Remote Resource TM Assists You With Remote Staffing


We at Remote Resource TM can change the game for your business by giving you easy access to the global talent pool. Here’s why we are so effective at what we do: 

  • Choose from a huge talent pool: Hiring hassles can go out of the window! Let us know your requirements and allow us to find the best remote resources for your project.  

  • Interview candidates at your convenient time: We arrange interviews with prospective candidates at your convenient time so that you can hire only the best remote workers for your project.  

  • Your virtual assistant is ready to deliver: Once you have chosen your remote assistant, they are ready to do your bidding! You can assign them shifts based on your project requirements.  

Ride the remote staffing wave and scale new heights with your business. Experience the Remote Resource TM advantage! 

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