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How to Build a Dynamic Online Presence with Remote Graphic Designers?

The first-ever webpage went live on August 6, 1992. It was an informative document on the World Wide Web – yes, the same WWW we can’t live without now! – made by a distinguished gentleman named Tim Bernes-Lee.  


Why on earth are we prattling on the first-ever webpage? Because it doesn’t have a single image! Imagine if webpages still looked like that. How would your online experience be? Would you spend as much time as you do now on the internet? And what about social media? Remember how Facebook looked when it first came out?  


The whole World Wide Web experience is founded on graphics. It’s the visual element of the internet that acts as a hook, pulling audiences towards websites, making them read content, and urging them to express their emotions via social media platforms. It’s impossible to imagine the World Wide Web without graphics.  


Here are some stats you should know:  


  • The global graphic design market has expanded from $35.7 billion in 2013 to $49.7 billion in 2023. 


  • 94% of users judge websites based on their design and will reject a website if it has shoddy graphics and a cluttered design. 


  • According to a survey conducted among 1500 startups by 99designs, 49% of business owners believed that effective graphic design was crucial to their business success. 


  • 81% of global organizations use graphic design.


  • 55% of all graphics work is aimed at communicating information to customers. 24% is intended for social media, and 19% for internal communication. 


  • Digital marketers believe that original, brand-focused graphics perform the best in pulling new audiences.  


It should be abundantly clear by now that if you are serious about expanding your brand’s online footprint, you need remote graphic designers.   


Why Remote Graphic Designers? 

Sure, you can hire local graphic designers and freelancers for your graphic design projects. However, hiring remote graphic designers has its own set of advantages.  


Here’s why we think you should consider the remote hiring route:  


  • Vast talent pool to hire from:

    Remote staffing companies like Remote Resource  let startups tap into the endless talent pool of emerging economies like India. And who doesn’t know about the prowess of Indian IT experts?  


  • Hire remote resources for your projects:

    So, you want to hire web designers, PHP experts, Python developers, or mobile app specialists? With remote hiring companies, hiring the right resource for any job role is a walk in the park. 


  • Low hiring costs:

    When you partner with Remote Resource TM you pay only for the hours you engage our resources, and it’s much less than what you’d have to pay for a local hire. 


  • Scalability at your fingertips:

    Hire remote resources and you are free to scale up or down depending on your project requirements. Say ‘goodbye’ to hiring hassles.   


How to Establish a Solid Online Presence with Remote Graphic Designers?

Here are the Dos and Don’ts of leveraging the expertise of a remote graphic designer 




  1. Define Your Brand Identity

Before you can delegate work to your graphic designer, make sure you are clear about your brand values, messaging, and niche market. Your vision is the foundation of all graphics work your designer is going to do for you. 


  1. Communicate Your Vision

Let your remote graphic designer know what you are thinking. Use presentation tools like Microsoft PowerPoint or whiteboard tools like Stormboard to clearly communicate your ideas to your remote resources.  


  1. Leverage Collaboration Tools

Basecamp, Slack, Zello – there’s a host of collaboration tools you can use to coordinate with your remote employees and keep tabs on the development process. This way you can stay informed every step of the way and provide feedback whenever necessary. 


  1. Lead from the Front

Appreciate good work. Be transparent with your team members. Lead by creating examples of discipline and sincerity for your remote team. Make sure they feel your passion for growing your brand and are in sync with your vision. Remember, creativity is directly proportional to passion.  


  1. Invest in Long-term Relationships

Forge a strong working relationship with your developer team by incentivizing their performance and making them feel like they are part of your entrepreneurial journey. Employees, remote or local, perform better when they believe they are part of one big family that’s going to take care of them always.  


  1. Invest in Latest Tech and Training

The software landscape is constantly evolving. New and more effective tools are being developed every day for improved outputs. AI and ML have completely transformed software development and graphics design is no exception. Make sure your remote graphic designers have access to all the latest tools for the best results.  


  1. Promote Innovation

Let your remote graphic designers use their imagination and innovate. Listen to their feedback. Heed their suggestions. Incorporate their advice into your vision. Artists perform best when they have the latitude to apply their acumen.  




  1. Don’t Overshoot Your Budget

Remember not to get too excited about the latest tools and start spending on unnecessary things. Read tech blogs to stay updated on the graphic designing tools you can’t do without even if you aren’t artistically inclined! Mark our words, it will save you a lot of money otherwise lost on a plethora of redundant tools. 


  1. Don’t Give Vague Instructions

No matter how busy you are, ensure that your communication with your remote graphic designer is crystal clear every time. If your instructions are vague or incomplete, your project is bound to encounter setbacks. 


  1. Don’t Forget to Prioritize Goal Setting

Goal setting should be at the top of your to-do list. Divide your project into milestones for your remote graphics designer and keep tabs on the progress. Try to understand the reason behind delays. Encourage your remote team to achieve milestones before time.  


  1. Don’t Micromanage

Micromanagement is the death knell for startups. You have more important things to do as an entrepreneur than looking into the minutes of the design process.  


Summing it up 

You can purchase graphic design services from multiple avenues. However, remote hiring offers more for less. You are always in control of your project, and you don’t have to fret over freelancers going awry. It’s like having an in-house team strongly tethered to you by trust and commitment. 

Happy Designing!  

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