Client FAQs

What clients want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have offices in New Jersey, New York, and India. Our offshore office is in Noida, India.

New Delhi and Noida, India; our offshore offices.

No, we are not a freelancing company, nor do we offer freelancers for your needs; they will be your dedicated employee working outside your office. Unlike freelancers, they will follow your time and reporting like any of your In-house employees. They will work from our offshore office in India like FTE.

Our staffing and technical MSP backgrounds, resources, and expertise give us an edge over other firms; we understand our clients’ expectations when outsourcing or hiring a remote employee.

Transparent and cohesive, we treat every member of Remote Resource as an integral part of our company and its culture. Whether our internal employee or remote resource hired for our clients, every employee is given the same treatment; they are part of the environment, activities, etc.

They will be your dedicated employee.

With Remote Resource, your business is infinitely scalable. You always have access to talent with skills you need to take on any challenge. Our resources are available to you 24/7.

The client is the owner of all work or code produced by our resources for you. They are your employees. Any work product they create becomes your intellectual property.

As big as needed. Teamwork is always better (If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford). If required, they will be given an isolated place at work.

You can invite them whenever you feel it’s needed. We encourage customers to meet at least once, increasing the personal bond and commitment to solving a big problem together. They feel connected as a part of something; alternatively, our clients are welcome to visit our offshore office In India to meet/train and spend time with their employees or team. We will take care of your accommodations and even offer sightseeing. Who wouldn’t love to visit the Taj Mahal?

Yes, you can try an employee before making a decision. If they don’t work out, we can provide a replacement.

First, clients share their requirement and we set time to discuss their requirements. We source matching profiles and select top three candidates from them by multilevel screening. We present three candidates to clients to review and interview, clients can choose to interview them by phone, and/or Zoom, Skype etc., they can also have the applicant take any online test they use for their in-house hiring.

Once selected, they start the work in 1-2 weeks’ time or as clients’ urgency/need.

The process is to source using our internal database and job portals, then select the three best profiles (after phone and in-person meetings) which are then presented to clients for their review and interview.

We check for technical capability, cultural fit, project experience, communication and collaboration skills, the ability to self-manage, etc. A client can interview the employee via Zoom if preferred.

Your employee reports directly to you. You have complete control of their work, just like an in-house employee, they will share a daily report before leaving.

We will find a replacement. Everyone is carefully selected also their KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is performance-linked. We take your reviews every month and ensure quality outcomes.

Yes, every resource is monitored by a Project Manager, usually an expert in that domain, to whom they can go for any required assistance. Other than that, we use weekly reviews to track their progress and your satisfaction.

They will be your dedicated employees.

Our resources are permitted one sick day every month. If they are out for an extended period of time, we can provide a replacement.

All you need to tell us one month prior; no hard commitment.

No, we discourage employees working from home except for emergency situations. It gives us more control over data and security than unpredictable home environments would.

Your remote employees work in a cloud environment, so your data never leaves your office, and all limitations/restrictions are decided by you. Furthermore, if requested, we can disable all modems and USB ports to avoid data transfer. All employees are under legal contract also.

Yes, you can monitor their screen any time, we use TeamViewer for that purpose, or you can use any other program you choose. Furthermore, your employees will send you a daily report every day by the EOD.

They will be given a desktop or laptop upon request, with 8-12 GB Ram, single or double screen as per your needs, Windows or Linux, headset with mic, email will be set up on Remote Resource domain on request, or the client can provide theirs. Any other request or accommodations can be discussed.

Yes. You can use ours or we can use yours if you prefer. It’s in the best interest of all parties that you are fully covered.

Yes. You have full control of the resources that work for you. They conform to your organization’s standards and requirements.

We take on all responsibility for our resources, including overhead, training and management. It’s all covered under your monthly fee.

You save up to 70%.

All debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, wire and ACH transfer, and checks are accepted.

No. You only pay your monthly fees. Resources are Remote Resource employees. We are fully responsible for them.

$0. We have everything ready, you just pay a salary with one month in advance to start.