Job Seeker FAQs

What candidates want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Transparent, cohesive, we treat every member of Remote Resource as an integral part of our company and its culture., Whether our internal or remote resources hired for our clients, every employee is given the same treatment. You are part of the environment, activities, etc., of the organization.

You will be a Remote Resource employee dedicated to one of our clients.

We have offices in New Jersey, New York, and India. Our offshore office is in Noida, India.

Our staffing and technical MSP backgrounds, resources, and expertise give us an edge over other firms; we understand our clients’ expectations when outsourcing or hiring a remote employee.

We check for technical capability, cultural fit, project experience, communication and collaboration skills, the ability to self-manage, etc. Depending on client preferences, you may be asked to interview with an employer via Zoom.

That depends on the client’s requirements.

No, we discourage employees working from home except for emergency situations. It gives us more control over data and security than unpredictable home environments would.

You will be given a desktop or a laptop upon client request, with 8-12 GB Ram, single or double screen as needed, Windows or Linux, headset with mic, your email will be set up on the Remote Resource domain on request, or the client can provide theirs. Any other needs or accommodations can be discussed.

Yes. As a Remote Resource employee, you will be required to sign a nondisclosure agreement before completing confidential work for our clients.