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How Remote Engineers Help Small Businesses in 2023

How Remote Engineers Are Reshaping Small Businesses in 2023 

Crafting the first stone tools to hunt or chop food was humankind’s first step toward a long and ingenious journey. We have been making smart tools to change our surrounding environment ever since, leading to the birth and evolution of Engineering. The global Engineering Services Market stands at USD 1.60 trillion now, and a major chunk of the success story is courtesy of remote engineers.

Aerospace, IT, consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, construction, mining – name a field and you’ll find remote engineering service providers working their magic in it and realizing dreams. The global Engineering Services Outsourcing Market is expected to touch the USD 8 trillion mark by 2030, all thanks to remote engineers. Let’s just say, they are the ones shaping the future of startups and SMBs globally, turning many small firms into major success stories.

If you are a startup founder, you can leverage the current market trend to write your success story. Want to know how? Read on!

Engineering services you can outsource to boost revenue:

1. IT Services: You knew we would start with this one, didn’t you? Small talk aside, here are some facts and figures to blow your mind. The IT outsourcing market in India alone is projected to reach USD 8.81 billion by the end of 2023, and an astounding USD 20.09 billion by 2028.

There’s a good reason why so many companies worldwide outsource their IT requirements to remote engineers in India. The country is rich in talent and manpower costs are low compared to other competing markets. End result: startups get smart solutions at a fraction of the local cost.

2. Computer-Aided Designing (CAD): No civil, mechanical, or electrical engineering project is complete without CAD. From the building housing your startup to the towering Burj Khalifa in Dubai, all the engineering and architectural marvels you see around are designed using CAD. Remote CAD engineers based out of India can take you places if your startup deals in architecture or machine designing. You can onboard talent on a budget and increase your profit margin on projects.

3. Civil Engineering: Finding good civil engineers for your building project can be a challenge if you aren’t looking in the right places. Besides, hiring talented civil engineers can blow up your hiring budget substantially. Solution: Look East and hire remote civil engineers in India!

4. Structural Engineering: A structural engineer is someone who inspects and vets materials used in civil engineering projects. Without them, our tall structures wouldn’t be as safe as they are! Hiring remote structural engineers makes sense for startups and SMBs because it gives them access to the global talent pool, opening the door to a world of fresh ideas and innovation. And for startups, innovation is the name of the game!

5. Electrical Engineering: Where would we be without electrical engineers? From the light fixtures in your office to the complex wiring running an entire city block, everything that has to do with electricity bears the magical touch of an electrical engineer. If your startup deals in electrical engineering solutions or needs a smart solution in the said domain, hire a remote electrical engineer right away. You’ll enjoy the twofold benefit of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

6. Electronic Engineering: We live in the computer age, right? But what runs our computers? Electronics! Electronic engineering is a diverse field that deals with designing and implementing complex electronic circuits running everything from geostationary satellites to door alarms. Without this discipline, we would be back in the Stone Age!

Of late, India has been hogging the limelight as the go-to destination for chipset design and manufacturing, all thanks to remote electronic engineers pouring in their expertise and experience in the development of cutting-edge tech. Your startup can benefit from this rich talent pool too. You can easily hire remote electronic engineers in India at a fraction of your hiring budget and dominate your niche market with intuitive tech solutions.

7. HVAC Engineering: Ever complained about the air-conditioning system not working in your building? Well, designing one is a complex task and it’s undertaken by a talented lot of individuals called HVAC engineers. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering – HVAC in short – is a necessity in the modern world. Hence, HVAC engineers are indispensable assets. Hiring remote HVAC engineers makes sense because local hiring can be expensive, and you want to save every penny you can if you are running a startup.

8. Chemical Engineering: From your toothpaste and detergent to your favorite perfume and even the lubricant you use in your car is engineered by a chemical engineer. Did you know that Super Glue was a byproduct of tests run by chemical engineers to develop robust gunsights for WW2 soldiers? We are surrounded by chemical marvels thanks to these talented individuals working day in and day out to make our lives easier. Remote chemical engineers can design, test, and implement smart chemical engineering solutions, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring local engineering firms. If your startup deals in chemical engineering solutions, hire remote chemical engineers from dominant remote resource markets like India. It’ll save you money and earn you praise from your clients at the same time.

9. Mechanical engineering: Ever wonder how your car’s transmission functions? Or, why your swivel chair works the way it does? From mining equipment to sports cars, every machine or tool we use is the product of mechanical engineering. Without mechanical engineers, we would still be in the Stone Age without the wheel or the chariot! Remote mechanical engineers are working wonders for startups and SMBs, designing smart machines and tools and providing small companies with the necessary launch pads for success. If your startup deals in designing mechanical solutions for clients, outsourcing projects to remote resources in India can be a game-changer.  You can save money on hiring, reduce turn-around time, and increase margins manyfold.

The field of Engineering is so diverse it’s impossible to include everything in the limited premise of our blog. Let’s just say, there’s no engineering project you cannot outsource to remote engineers for better results!

Summing it up: Why should you hire remote engineers?

  • Save money: Remote engineers are easy to hire and cheaper than your local resources. Plus, you have access to the global talent pool when you hire remote staff.
  • Peace of mind: Opting forremote engineering servicesfrees you from the hassles of local hiring laws, which can be too stringent for startups. This makes scaling up or down easier.
  • Meet deadlines: Remote engineers are used to working on tight deadlines, meaning you can rely on them to deliver your project on time.
  • 24/7 access: In all probabilities, your remote engineer will be working from a different time zone than yours. This means there’s someone working on your project even when you have hit the bunk.

Do we have to tell you more about the perks of hiring remote engineers? We think not! Hiring remote engineering services is the in-thing in the tech world. Ride the wave and make your business a success story.

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