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The Role of Salesforce Experts in Driving Business Innovation and Digital Transformation

Ever since humans began trading, people have been trying to capture business data in some form or the other. The advent of written texts made things easy for the early civilizations. They used clay tablets and papyrus rolls to record all sorts of transactions. Why, we even have the earliest written record of a customer complaint found in the ruins of the ancient city of Ur (southern Iraq) in 1953, and it’s more than 3700 years old! Eventually, modern business accounting came into existence.  


As computers came along, entrepreneurs began to use this latest tool to try and get to know their customers better and keep all types of records in one place. Modern Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, was born thus. 


Enough history lessons! Salesforce has emerged as the predominant CRM tool in the last few years. Here are some stats to serve as eyeopeners: 


  1. Salesforce rules the CRM market as the single largest solutions provider; its market share a whopping 23.8%.
  2. The company employs close to 80,000 people.
  3. By the end of 2023, Salesforce clocked $31.35 billion in revenue.
  4. 30% of Salesforce’s users are professionals.
  5. The company’s cloud platform currently hosts more than 5000 active online stores.  


Projections for 2024 look sunny. So, there’s no stopping Salesforce. Ask it already! “Why is Salesforce so popular?”  


  • Salesforce is user-friendly: You don’t have to be Bill Gates to navigate Salesforce! Anyone with a working knowledge of CRM tools can customize their version of Salesforce for their business ops. 


  • Salesforce has a lot of tools – a lot! There’s the Sales Cloud that automates sales, monitors performance, captures customer data, and generates leads. There’s the Service Cloud that streamlines customer service ops like interactive case management and creating a knowledge base for relationship executives. There’s the Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Experience Cloud, and whatnot! 


  • Salesforce is cloud-based: You can access your Salesforce tools while vacationing in the Bahamas! All you need is a laptop with internet connectivity. That’s the beauty of cloud-based software. They let you do geeky stuff without you having to buy expensive hardware and software licenses. What you access from your laptop is the front end. The wheels and cogs of the software – the backend – are stored in data clouds.  


  • Salesforce is scalable: Doesn’t matter your business size, Salesforce accommodates all kinds of brands dealing in all kinds of products. So, when your company grows larger, Salesforce is there to handle the jacked inflow. 


  • You have friends: Since its inception in 1999, Salesforce’s popularity has steadily risen, so much so that the company now boasts a well-developed community of experts. You can meet, exchange ideas, and get tips from Salesforce experts on Trailhead – the company’s very own learning-cum-community platform. There’s also a Salesforce Developer subreddit boasting 12k members.  


Why do you need a Salesforce expert in 2024? 

So, you’ve started your business from a garage like Larry or Steve, and you want to make it to the Forbes 400 list someday. Aside from cool ideas, a penchant for business, and awesome products, you need a tool to track every aspect of your business, down to the finer details. That’s what Salesforce does. But do you have the time to learn how to navigate the tool and customize it? Probably not. So, what do you do? Hire a Salesforce expert 


Here’s how Salesforce experts can impact your business: 


  1. Master Planner: When you hire a Salesforce expert, they audit your business operations for processes needing streamlining. They identify workflows that need automation and do away with the redundant bits.
  2. Customization Connoisseur: No two businesses are the same and Salesforce recognizes that by providing a plethora of highly customizable tools. Leave it to your Salesforce expert to choose the appropriate tools and tailor them for your business. 
  3. Integration is the name of the game! The Salesforce REST API integrates with popular apps like Google Cloud, Slack, QuickBooks, MailChimp, DocuSign, Jira, Hellosign, ActiveCampaign, and what have you. But you don’t know how to integrate Salesforce with other apps, do you? Leave it to the experts! 
  4. Data is the new God! Average spend, product preferences, geographical spread, customer lifetime value, churn rate, retention rate, resolution time, first call resolution, first response time, renewal rate, social media metrics – there are all kinds of data categories in this data-driven age; each as important as the other. You got to keep them at your fingertips to be in control. Salesforce experts are data scientists, sorting and organizing data for your convenience. 




“I don’t know where to find Salesforce experts!” 


Go for EaaS! “What’s this new term?” Sorry, my bad. EaaS means Employee as a Service. It’s an innovation that has taken the hiring world by storm and involves hiring the services of domain experts without going through the usual headhunting hassles. So, no long-term contracts and no layoff hassles. Just pay as you go.  

Do you want to hire an Indian app developer? Maybe you need to hire a Django expert. No matter your project or hiring requirement, just talk to a remote staffing company like Remote Resource TM and they’ll find you the perfect match for your job role. Remote Resource TM will also let you try their experts for free!  

So, there you have it, folks – the lowdown on why having a Salesforce expert in your corner is the ultimate power move in 2024. They’re the maestros of the digital dance floor, the architects of your digital destiny, and the secret sauce that takes your business from “meh” to “heck yeah!” 

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