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About Remote Resource®

Where We Bridge the Gap Between Ideas and Success

Remote Resource About Us
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The  Remote Resource® Story

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All businesses across the globe consistently and desperately look for top talent to transform their vision into reality. While big businesses have easy access and resources, thanks to their financial position, startups and SMBs lag. In an attempt to bridge that gap, some of us got together and decided to create Remote Resource™ to offer our customers services that stand apart from the rest. Our core team members bring extensive experience of the industry and vast knowledge of outsourcing and offshoring. Most business owners are unable to utilize the power of offshore staffing and are oblivious to its benefits. We want to offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to tap into global talent that is diverse and skilled yet have people who are dedicated and loyal to their business. Understanding the real problems associated with the outsourcing industry, Remote Resource™ is an effort to align top talent with businesses of all sizes. With a clear mission of helping our clients execute their vision, we ensure to provide the best resources across domains without having to spend thousands of dollars.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Fair and Forward Thinking Work Culture

Fair & Forward
Thinking Work Culture  

Assured 50% saving

Assured 50% Savings


Top 10% Talent

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Retain 100% Control

ISO Certified

ISO Certified

No Binding Contract

No Binding Contract 

Work in your Time Zone

Work in Your Time-zone


No Employee Liabilities

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Interview Within 48 Hrs

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Hassle-free Onboarding

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Fair & Forward
Thinking Work Culture  
Assured 50%
10% Talent
100% Control
No Binding
Work in Your
No Employee
Within 48 Hrs

Who We Are

Industry Veterans Working Towards Resolving the Real Problems of Offshoring Industry.

Ajit Singh Founder & CEO

“The best ideas often lack the right people to implement them.”

Ajit Singh

Founder & CEO


I started my entrepreneurial journey at 30 by founding Apetan Consulting LLC. Today, we are a group of  seven successful companies, all based in the USA. Having mostly worked in the space of outsourcing and staffing, I realized what businesses across the world faced when it came to talent acquisition and retention. There is equality on paper, but there is hardly equal opportunity.I believe that loss of ideas due to unequal opportunities make our society poorer. But for every roadblock, there is always a way around. I decided to create something that offers entrepreneurs a better solution. 

Remote Resource® is that way around.

“Remote staffing is not a thing of the future, but a reality of the present.”

Sandeep Shukla

VP Global Operations


India harbors an enormous untapped talent pool, keen to find a platform to exhibit their skills. On the contrary, numerous brilliant business ideas across the globe lack the ideal workforce at suitable costs to execute the vision. I firmly advocate offshore staffing for businesses, as it holds the potential to provide advantageous momentum that can propel them towards success. Most fortune 500 companies already benefit from it, so why should others not do the same? Having spent several years in the staffing industry, working closely with entrepreneurs, I not only recognized the issues they face but also figured out how to deal with them to offer them the best solution.

But to offer the perfect solution, I needed a perfect platform and I found that platform in Remote Resource®. 

Our Mission - Transforming the Future of Remote Staffing 

About Remote Resource

We understand the challenge businesses, especially startups & SMBs, face in the pursuit of finding the right talent. Afterall the success of any business depends on the people who take it forward. While industry giants have the resources to hire the best, smaller businesses don’t, and the competition gets overwhelming. At Remote Resource®, we want to provide a level playing field to all businesses in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving environment.
We offer a platform where our clients can connect with top-tier resources without burning a hole in their pockets. And, while treating your business with a sense of belonging, our endeavor to bridge the gap between your vision and success is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our Vision - Achieving Excellence in Offshore Staffing

About Remote Resource

At Remote Resource®, our vision is to revolutionize the way businesses across the globe operate by providing exceptional talent and seamless offshore workforce solutions. We strive to be the leading industry innovators, helping businesses to boost productivity, efficiency, and growth while leveraging the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of remote staffing. 

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