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Get A Superfast Website  

Hire Remote PHP Developers

PHP Developer

For Lightning-Fast Load Times And Affordable Web Development Solutions  

Hire A Dedicated PHP Programmer

There’s no point having a website that looks flashy on the outside but is slow to load and suffers from poor backend coding.  A good PHP developer can build a website that functions like a racehorse.

Here’s why PHP developers are so important to businesses planning on going big on the online landscape:

Do we have to tell you more about why you must hire a PHP developer?

Hire a remote PHP developer and build a slick and functional website for your business. Grow your business by winning hearts!

PHP Developement

Say Goodbye to Slow Web Applications

Hire the Best Remote PHP Coders With Guaranteed 50% Savings  


Say Goodbye to Slow Web Applications 

Hire the Best Remote PHP Coders With Guaranteed 50% Savings

Top-notch PHP Coding Expertise At Your Fingertips 

What You Get When You Hire Dedicated PHP Developers From Remote Resource TM 

Custom Module Development

Getting custom modules for your slick website was never easier! No matter if you need a payment gateway, social media integration, chatbot, or any other custom solution, our PHP developers are up for the task.

Full-Stack PHP Development 

Hire a full-stack PHP developer from us and let them handle both the front-end and the back-end of your website. Our PHP developers make sure users have a seamless and consistent experience every time they Read more...

visit your website. What’s more, our full-stack PHP developers create intuitive and interactive web pages along with secure web applications for the ultimate user experience. 

PHP Cloud Solutions

Harness the power of Cloud Computing with our help! When you hire PHP coders from Remote Resource TM, they integrate your website with the latest in Cloud Solutions like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud to make Read more...

it more robust and responsive. What’s more, they maintain your website, ensuring optimal performance and security. Say goodbye to bugs and data backup issues. Our PHP developers will take care of them and more. They ensure that your website is Search Engine Optimized and prepped for minimum load time.

PHP e-Commerce Development

When you hire dedicated PHP programmers from us, they up your eCommerce game by building robust, secure, and intuitive online platforms for you to sell your products and services effortlessly. Read more...

Build yourself an eCommerce website that’s user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and portable. 

PHP Extension Development 

Hire our PHP Developers to create custom extensions for your website. Add features such as encryption, compression, caching, authentication, and image processing to your website without breaking a sweat. 

PHP Upgradations and Migrations

When you hire PHP experts from us, they upgrade your website to the latest version of PHP and migrate it to the best server available at the time, all with ZERO data loss and downtime.  

Experience Hassle-free Hiring 

Hire PHP Programmers from Remote Resource™ For The Ultimate in Web Development 

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how your dream website can come to life the moment you hire a dedicated PHP developer from us: 


Analyzing Requirement

Analyzing Requirement


You just need to share your vision with our PHP developer and let them work their magic. Your dedicated PHP developer will do the heavy lifting of analyzing the purpose of your website, setting goals, suggesting changes, deciding on the target audience, and finalizing web content. 



In this crucial next step, your hired PHP developer creates a sitemap and wireframe of the website, outlining the structure, navigation, and layout of each page. They also decide on the platforms and tools to use for the development process. 

PHP Developer
Hire PHP Developer from India



It’s time for the design phase. Our full-stack PHP developer finalizes the visual aspects of your website, such as the color scheme, fonts, images, and graphics. It’s a painstaking process, but important nonetheless because it ensures that your website looks slick and intuitive at the same time.

Assembling Content


Your hired PHP expert integrates web content, such as text, images, video, and audio files with the overall design to give your website the desired look. They also ensure that your website is SEO-friendly and features right at the top of search results.

Hire PHP Developer
Hire PHP Developer



Next in line is coding. It’s a crucial step where your hired PHP developer writes the code for your website using PHP and other languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Plugins, web services, databases, and APIs are also integrated at this stage.



Before you can go live with your website, it’s time to test it for functionality, performance, compatibility, security, and usability. Your dedicated PHP developer takes care of bugs and loading issues at this stage, ensuring all the components of your website run smoothly. 

PHP Developer
PHP Developer

Review and launch


It’s the moment of truth you’ve been waiting for. Your hired PHP developer incorporates your feedback and last-minute changes and voila, your website is live!



The process doesn’t end with the website launch. When you hire a dedicated PHP programmer from us, they monitor and update your website regularly to ensure smooth operation and security. Call it a dedicated tech-support service provided exclusively to you, courtesy of Remote Resource TM.
PHP Developer

Don’t Settle For Mediocre 

Hire The Best PHP Developers From Remote Resource TM 

Save at least 50% on Hiring Cost

Access Top Global Talent Across All Domains

Experience Hassle-free Onboarding

ZERO Employee Liabilities & Compliance Hassles

No Long-term Contacts

Airtight Data Security with Strict Adherence to NDA

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you provide work samples of your Remote PHP Developers? 

Yes, you can always ask for demos, and our PHP developers will be more than happy to let you know their capabilities. But please don’t ask for actual client work samples. It’s a strict ‘No’ for us! We sign strict non-disclosure agreements with our clients and have stringent IP protection policies in place to safeguard client interests.  


What makes Remote Resource TM different from other offshore development companies in India? 

For starters, we hire only the best talents in the country for our clients. We don’t bind you with long-term contracts but believe in forging long-lasting relationships with our clients.  

Should I be worried about communication when outsourcing PHP development to India? 

English is widely spoken and understood in India and serves as the most popular medium of education in the country. So, yes, Indians know their English! We at Remote Resource TM thoroughly test the English proficiency of all ouremployees to ensure uninterrupted communication between clients and their hired resources. Rest assured; you’ll be satisfied with your conversations with the PHP developers you hire from Remote Resource TM.

Do I need to worry about time zone differences? How do you ensure that the developer is available during our business hours? 

When you hire PHP developers from us, we make sure they work according to your time zone and business hours. That way you can have your dedicated remote resource report to you, attend meetings, and work on their assigned projects without worrying about communication gaps.  

What is the minimum duration for which I must hire a Developer? 

We don’t believe in tying your hands with long-term contracts. Our price plans are transparent and flexible. You can keep your remote resource for as long as you want or discontinue their services by giving us two weeks to a month’s notice.  

What are the legal liabilities of hiring a PHP developer online from India? 

At Remote Resource TM we guarantee our clients ZERO Employee Liabilities. That means ZERO legal hassles for you in case of disputes with your remote PHP developer or virtual assistant.  

What is your company's retention rate for remote PHP programmers? 

We pride ourselves in only working with the best talents in any given domain. Every candidate we hire gets the right environment to showcase and hone their skills and feel part of one big family. This makes our retention rate for remote PHP programmers one of the highest worldwide. 

Are my company data and intellectual properties safe with remote PHP developers?

We are an ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our employees work only on company laptops/systems with inbuilt redundancies preventing data transfer outside the system. We also promote working on remote desktops on the client’s server or ours. We have strict NDAs in place to ensure that your business data and intellectual properties stay protected at all times. 

Can you provide a portfolio or examples of work from your Remote PHP Developers?

All Our Remote PHP Developers have over 5 years of experience working in Fortune 500 companies or Top Indian businesses. As a result, they have completed several important projects, all of which will be present in their resumes that we give to you.  

What makes Remote Resource different from other offshore software development companies in India?

Unlike most companies that offer software development services in India, we do not solely focus on meaningless metrics like tickets closed and bugs detected per day. We focus on building long term sustainable products that stand the test of time and add value to the business and its customers. The remote software developer you hire, acts as your own employee, and helps you in attaining your vision. 

Has communication ever been an issue for your clients when offshoring PHP development to India?

While English is widely spoken in India, there may be a slight difference in the accent and fluency of the language may vary from people to people. This can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications, which can affect the quality of work. Remote Resource thoroughly tests the English fluency and comprehensibility of all our PHP developers to ensure that neither side has any trouble in understanding the other. 

How do you handle time zone differences and ensure that the developer is available during our business hours? 

One of the best things about hiring from Remote Resource is that we do not make our clients work according to our time-zone. Instead, all meetings, interviews, and assessments are scheduled based on your preferred time-zone. Any dedicated PHP developer you hire from us will work as your own dedicated employee on your business’ time-zone.  

What is the minimum duration of the contact that I need to hire a software developer for?

We have a scalable and transparent pricing model that is as straightforward as your Netflix subscription. The candidate(s) you hire will work for you as long as you see fit, and if you want to discontinue their services you can do so by just giving us a two-week notice. You can also seamlessly hire PHP development teams and scale your team up or down at any time. 

What are the legal liabilities of hiring a PHP developer online from India?

At Remote Resource we guarantee our clients ZERO Employee Liabilities, and we follow through on those promises. In the rare scenario that there any legal disputes with your remote developer, we will handle it by absorbing it all on our end.

What is your company's retention rate for the remote PHP programmers you hire?

We pride ourselves on only working with the best. And the best Remote Developers in India do not stay in a company where they think their skills are not being fully utilized and they lack the opportunities to grow. Every candidate that we hire chooses to stay with us because we value the skills and expertise they bring to the table and provide them with enough challenges to hone themselves further. 

How do you ensure the security of our company's data and intellectual property when working with remote PHP developers?

We are an ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Every employee works only on company laptops/systems that have inbuilt redundancies that prevent any kind of data transfer outside the system. Further there are provisions to work on remote desktops that can be either on your server or ours. The strict NDAs we have in place also ensure that any project your developer does for you, stays just between you and them. 

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