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But first, let us dispel some myths here- social media marketers for hire don’t just sit and scroll memes and Reels on Instagram all day long, unlike popular opinion! 

They use the budget allocated for your social media management to analyze social channels by implementing social listening and monitoring methods and create relatable content that is shareworthy for your audience. 

Now that we have basically defined what a social media marketer is in a nutshell for you, we hope you have gained clarity on how hiring one can benefit your business. If you still have doubts about their exact job role, allow us to describe it in detail for you. 

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There goes intensive research into the aesthetic and relatable posts you see while scrolling through social media platforms, especially when they are from brands. Whether you have a company selling cosmetics or plumbing services, chances are you are competing with bigger companies. 

So, what do you do to earn your potential clients’ attention, the clientele that already has access to other avenues? You work to stand out from the rest of your competitors. How do you do that? By focusing on building a quality product and impeccable marketing strategies to promote it. 

ocial media marketing is one of the many ways in which you can implement marketing to amplify your traffic generation efforts by reaching your target audience and converting them into a loyal customer base. And research is how you ensure that your social media posts garner the kind of attention that you need to increase the qualified traffic on your website. 

After the research process is completed, your social media experts for hire will move onto the analysis phase of their job role. From competitors to customers, trends to keywords and other metrics, past social media post content to interaction activity, they will analyze every yardstick to improve your brand’s social media performance and enhance your social media presence. 

The combination of research and analysis enables them to predict your customers’ expectations. This prediction is based on meticulous study of user behavior online and not just some fluke, so you can rest assured that the data that is developed from it is reliable. 

Next comes social media content development. SMM experts work at the intersection of various teams and departments, depending on the size of the organization. For bigger companies, they work with designers, copywriters, marketing and advertising, and sometimes with product developers and managers, too. 

But do not worry if you lack the manpower. Hiring social media managers from India can prevent this problem before it can even arise. By handling the role of marketing and advertising teams, content writers and designers, these SMM experts can save you the trouble and cost of hiring extra personnel, and working just with your developer, if at all such a need arises! 

“Social media creates communities, not markets.”

-Don Edward Schultz, Former Professor Emeritus of Service at Northwestern University‘s Medill School, Father of Integrated Marketing

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Services You Must Expect from a Social Media Specialist Agency

Whether you work with an agency that specializes in social media or provide holistic marketing services, there is a baseline of social media services you must expect. Here is a brief compilation of the broad topics for your reference. 

Social Media Management- This can be seen as the organic counterpart of search engine optimization, in the sense of its purpose to generate brand awareness, for the ease of understanding. Social media management basically means an approach that creates and maintains your brand’s overall social media presence across all social media platforms by creating content that is entertaining, informative or a combination of both. 

Paid Social Media Marketing As opposed to social media management, social media marketing refers to both the organic as well as the paid marketing efforts employed by a brand. Paid social media marketing is similar to search engine marketing, in its ways of creating advertising materials and linking it to websites or online stores. The purpose of social media marketing is to generate quality leads and ultimately sales. 

Content Development- Both social media management and marketing are reliant on content. Quality content is key when you want to generate brand awareness, leads, sales conversions or revenue. Optimizing your content according to the social media platform you want to use ensures that your audience takes you as an authoritative and authentic source of information. For instance, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts might seem like the same video format to the untrained eye, but to the ardent user base, the right visual elements help decide the shareability of the content. 

Community Management- Being the tone, voice, and human element behind your brand, community management essentially aids you in establishing and building an authentic community among your social followers. Beyond a business’s external stakeholders, that is their followers on social media, target audiences online, leads, customers, etc., community management helps a business to foster a sense of belonging among its internal stakeholders, too, like employees, vendors, partners, etc. 

Social Media Content Strategy- Every social media campaign follows a rigorously well-planned strategy. A content strategy, especially a course of action on social media, entails proper planning, creation, publication, management, and governance of content. The end goal is to create content that will appeal to your audiences while expressing the personality of your brand, in order to achieve a list of goals- from raising brand awareness to generating sales revenue. 

Social Media Analytics- The performance of your social media posts depends on an analysis of the data that it generates. Sounds fairly simple, right? It is anything but. The heart and soul of any successful social media campaign or social media brand strategy, social media data analytics is key to unlocking your social media engagement and reach. This helps in gauging audience sentiments and track trends, thereby keeping you on track to achieve your social media goals. 

Social Media Engagement- Social media giant, Facebook explains, “Interacting with people is associated with a greater sense of well-being… On the other hand, just scrolling through your Facebook feed, passively reading or watching without interacting with others, tends to make people feel worse.” That is why content with higher social media engagement, measured by metrics like Likes and Favorites, Comments, DMs, Replies, Shares and Retweets, Saves, Clicks, Mentions, is indicative of audience associating your brand with a sense of purpose. 

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“Social media creates communities, not markets.”

-Don Edward Schultz, Former Professor Emeritus of Service at Northwestern University‘s Medill School, Father of Integrated Marketing 

5 Steps Social Media Experts for Hire Follow for Targeted Reach

Social media management is not rocket science, but not everyone can get it quite right! A good amount of research and planning goes into the creation of on-brand social media posts and only adhering to a step-by-step process informs the right execution. Here are 5 broad steps that social media managers follow. 

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Setting SMM Goals


The first and foremost step in planning a social media brand outlook is a clear delineation of social media management and marketing goals of the company, organization, or personal brand. Whether the size of the business is small, medium or large usually plays a significant role in determining its social media goals. For instance, SMBs would usually focus on building a brand identity and raising awareness about it, because of its relative unpopularity. Contrarily, an MNC or a bigger brand might have goals like enhancing sales or influencer collaboration. Setting these goals upfront leads to a harmonious marketing operation. 

Research and Analysis


The following step in the procedure would be research. Researching the brand’s target audience, competitors- big or small, keywords for paid advertising and organic marketing, etc. This is fundamental in evaluating the viability of the business and its products and service offerings, as well as branding efforts. After the research is concluded, a thorough analysis of the research findings must commence. This information is crucial to develop the marketing and communication content you wish to release on your social media.

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Hire Software Developer

Content Development


Perhaps the most important step in the social media marketing strategy, content development can make or break your social media game. Quality content is key when you want to generate brand awareness, leads, sales conversions or revenue. Optimizing your content according to the social media platform you want to use ensures that your audience takes you as an authoritative and authentic source of information. Input from the marketing team like information about the buyer or user persona would provide an invaluable structure for your content, so do not forget to take it.

Automate and Engage


Next, build a content calendar. This helps visualize all your content plans onto a time map providing you with the compartmentalized big picture that is easy to follow. Once it is set up, automate the promotion and distribution of your content by scheduling post publication ahead of its time. Encourage employees and followers to help redistribute your social media content. And remember to engage with them on your social media through comments or resharing and repurposing content (if any) they post about you!

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Measuring Performance


Finally, an effective social media marketing campaign is incomplete without measuring its performance and analyzing the data its results provide. Not only does it furnish the creation of future posts, but also helps in an audit of previous campaigns to ensure consistency with the overall brand image. A/B testing of your results helps in the quick tweaking and optimization of your strategy any time along the way.

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Hire Social Media Managers from India

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Our non-disclosure agreements ensure that your privacy and confidentiality is protected and respected regardless of any circumstances. Our zero-tolerance policy towards any data breaches, cemented through practice, maintains your data security.

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We leverage one of the most lucrative aspects of remote work- flexibility- enabling you to stay out of obligatory term contracts while hiring or firing employees. Even though our remote resources work for you as full-time equivalents, you are free to scale them as per your wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire a copywriter for my small business if I hire a social media manager from India?

A social media specialist or manager may be required to perform a range of tasks depending on the size of the firm or agency employing them. So, for example, if a multinational company wants to hire professionals to handle their social media management, they would usually work on the brand’s overall social media strategy and work at the intersection of the content, design, product and marketing teams. But, for a smaller organization with limited resources, you can go without hiring a copywriter if you hire a social media manager, as they are well-versed in copywriting. 

I have a new startup. Should I hire a freelance social media manager or a social media specialist agency?

Regardless of the size- whether small, medium or large, age- new or old, type- organization, personal brand or business, you should always hire a social media management specialist full-time, as opposed to a freelancer. That may be from a marketing, social media or HR agency. This type of employment matters, especially if you have a new startup, because you want a professional who is exclusively dedicated to your business, and not handling myriad other projects at the same time. Remote staffing agencies can provide you with that kind of talent, minus the liabilities that come with them. 

What is included in a social media marketing strategy that differs from an overall marketing and advertising strategy?

Social media marketing is generally employed by businesses as a top-of-funnel marketing strategy. Meaning, it is implemented with the purpose of educating and raising awareness about the brand to its target audience. On the other hand, an overall brand marketing strategy includes both online and offline efforts that are targeted at all three- top-of-funnel, middle-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel- areas of a sales funnel. Meaning, it is a combination of organic and paid advertising efforts to not only raise brand awareness, but also ensure conversion of the target audience to a loyal and sustainable customer base. 

What social media platforms should my business use to gain more followers in a limited amount of time?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem question. Depending on the kind of business you have, and the brand goals you have delineated, you should optimize a social media platform or channel. While it is always a good idea to keep all options open, it is best to use a strategy where you focus on one or two social media platforms primarily and use the rest of the channels to amplify your marketing distribution based on the content made for those two channels. This helps with organic traffic while ensuring that resources are not wasted on low value platforms. 

. How do I measure or analyze the performance of my social media posts and figure out future production?

The social media experts you hire are sure to be proficient in social media analytics themselves, so you do not have to worry about the data analysis. However, as a general knowledge, there are certain metrics that allow SMM experts to figure out not only if the social media posts are performing well, but also if they are consistently on-brand and generating revenue for you. For instance, measuring impressions, engagement, mentions, followers, etc. can all be indicators of your social media health. 

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