Top 5 Ways to Hire the Right Salesforce Expert in 2023

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The Right Salesforce Expert

The Right Salesforce Expert Works Wonders for Your Customer Relationships: Here’s How to Hire Them

Today, Salesforce is the most widely used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software as a service (SaaS) by businesses across the globe. According to their official website, the specialize in making integrative cloud-based software designed to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and retain customers by providing seamless service. Through it, they aid the marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams of businesses work as one from anywhere. 

The Salesforce ecosystem will create an estimated 4.2 million and 9.3 million jobs by 2024 and 2026, respectively. With the influx of more of these already highly sought-after professionals, specialized in niches, hiring the right Salesforce expert for your business can become challenging. 

Unfortunately, because of the niche knowledge networks Salesforce Experts operate within, most hiring managers, especially of new businesses, are not proficient in the methods used to hire them. We are aware that a Salesforce Expert unfit for your business requirements can incur heavy losses, and not just financially. That is why we have prepared this blog, outlining 5 ways to ensure that your business gets the right Salesforce expert. 

1) Writing a Clear and Comprehensive Job Description 

The job description you put out sells your role to the Salesforce candidates. If you are a SMB, you must ensure to the top talent that your organisation has the best opportunities to offer to the Salesforce Expert. Otherwise, they will not have enough incentive to leave a more favourable option for you. Doing this will not only generate interest from the right kind of crowd for you, but also make your business run with ease, eventually. 

Always remember that Salesforce Experts are highly sought-after, and for several reasons. They are creative people, always looking for opportunities to develop themselves as well as the organisations they work with. Letting them visualise their day-to-day work in your business, and how they would fit in there- culturally and operationally, hence becomes imperative. 

2) Thorough Screening of Resumes 

In order to determine whether the Salesforce applicant has the basic skills required to do the job which you are hiring for, you need to launch a thorough screening of their resumes. Developing a checklist of the necessary qualifications that your potential Salesforce Expert must possess, is a start. This would automatically narrow down your search, clarify your goals better, and give you the leverage to demand more specialized skillset. It goes without saying that the more resumes you get offered for a particular Salesforce job profile opening, the more stringent you can be with other factors like certifications, hands-on trainings, industry experience, etc. 

5 ways to ensure that your business gets the right Salesforce expert.

3) Asking for the Right Details in the Interview 

Checking whether your potential Salesforce Expert fits within your company culture as well as your business requirements is essential. And the interview is the right- and possibly the only- time to find that out before you hire the wrong candidate. Find out technical details like how they plan on continuously upskilling themselves to consistently meet changing business needs. Make enquiries into their Certifications. Ask them about which part of the job description most appealed to them, to find out where will they fit the best. Lastly, ensure to let them ask you questions so that you could level the doubts of a potential Salesforce Expert for your business. 

4) Looking beyond their Salesforce Certifications 

The Salesforce technology ecosystem offers a robust Certification structure, through 40+ Certificates, which lays the structural knowledge foundation for its professionals. Albeit its helpful, even desirable, that a Salesforce Expert you are looking to hire must possess a few, and at least one advanced, Salesforce Certification, looking into that is not all. Relevant industry experience, along with hands-on real-world training would be required for an Expert to provide customizable solutions for your growing business needs. 

Unlike other jobs, assessing the technical skills of a Salesforce candidate might not come handy. In this particular case, the most you can do is communicate effectively your business needs to them and try to understand if they fulfil them. In most cases, they would be able to tell you, because of their Expert knowledge, if they are a fit or not. Or you can always seek the services of a Salesforce Consultant for the same. 

5) Background Checking with References 

Last but not the least, and perhaps one of the most important things you can do while hiring a Salesforce Expert is checking the references that they provide to you. It is highly unusual that they would try to embellish their resumes, so the cross-checking is not suggested for that purpose. Although, sure, if that serves you in any way, go ahead and do it for that, too. 

But what we intend to enshrine is how looking into and contacting the references of your Salesforce applicant would provide you with a clearer idea about the skillset they possess. You receive an opportunity to peek through the mind of another business owner, unfamiliar with Salesforce technicalities and having used the Salesforce service. This might unfold valuable insights into the fitness of the particular Salesforce Expert for the particular business requirement you have. 

After you wrap up the interview process with your potential Salesforce Expert, just following the best practices of hiring virtual Employee would be enough. Hopefully, by following these 5 methods, you will find your next Right Salesforce Expert. 

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