The Advantages of Offshoring Your Business to India

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Want to know why offshoring your businesses to India is outshining with Remote Resource LLC ?

Unlike other outsourcing services, we make sure you get the best of the best – Remote Resource provides you access to the TOP 10 % of the Indian talent pool. You will never be faced with a shortage of niche and skilled talents. India has always been a favorite outsourcing destination for a reason. It has been creating and upgrading talents to meet global demands. Almost all Fortune 500 companies hire from the Indian niche market. Remote Resource provides the same service to companies of all sizes but at a very cost effective price. Remote Resource provides businesses worldwide with diverse human resources with NO recruitment fees. This makes it incredibly cost effective to hire someone at a fraction of what you would pay back home.

It’s like having your own offshore office! And this will reduce your monthly office expenses, also known as overhead costs. This includes office space, rent, electricity, hardware, taking care of employee taxes, insurance, payroll, etc.

The biggest advantage is that, you don’t have to commit to a time-bound contract with Remote Resource LLC because we offer monthly rolling contracts. This way you’re always in control with complete mobility and flexibility.

Indians are culturally rooted and known for their commitment to the work they do. Thus, they are highly LOYAL and dedicated remote employees. This will be a huge BONUS for any organization as it will significantly reduce employee attrition and so cost on retraining or hiring replacements, etc.

You can choose to hire one person for a part-time or full-time job or build an entire team based on your business needs. Therefore you are never at risk of understaffing.

Plus, once we get you started with your remote employee, they’re dedicated and accountable only to you, so there’s no more micromanaging !

You get direct access to your remote resource and you can communicate one on one via web video call, email, etc.

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