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How to hire software Developer

How to Hire Software Developers

Just as the mightiest walls would crumble without the concrete binding it together, even the greatest visions would fail to see the light of the day if they are not supported by the right people.

If you want your business to succeed, you need the right talent to make it happen. But how do you go about getting the right people for the job? How do you ensure that the talent you hire is the right fit for the position and not a hindrance to your vision? And how do you, as a small business, manage to stay competitive in a market, where megacorporations can afford to pay their talent hundreds of thousands of dollars more than you can?

In this article, we’ll tackle how to hire software developers for your company, while answering these questions.

Know what you need

The first part of getting exactly what you want, is knowing precisely what you need. If you are confused about the repertoire of skills that your business will be needing, you aren’t going to get an appropriate candidate for the job. Take a look, at the list of the types of developers below, and decide what type of skillset would be best suited for your needs.

  • Front-end Developers – These experts work on the parts of the software that the user interacts with. Be it the homepage of a website, or the UI of an app, these developers should be well versed in creating an enjoyable experience for the end user. Knowledge of scripting languages like PHP, JavaScript, and many more is crucial to excel in this field. Hire PHP Developers.

  • Back-end Developers – Going with theme here, the back-end of a software usually refers to the parts that the user does not see. However, if the front-end is the flashy exterior of a pimped out sports car, the back-end is the roaring engine that gets it to 0-60 in 3s. Top of the line back-end developers should be masters of compiling languages, and well versed in languages like C++, java, C#, etc.

  • Full-stack Developers – Jack of all trades, these people have expertise in both front-end and back-end development. They can help you design an application and be a master of database management at the same time.

If you have fully comprehended the above list and know what your company needs, you can get started on drafting your job description. However, if you are still confused as to what you need, try to get in touch with a recruiter, or get help from a professional.

Finding Cinderella

Running a business can be pretty taxing both on your time and energy. And unlike the otiose royalty of fairytale land, not all of you are eager to go to ‘hut to hut’ to try and see whom the slippers fit best.

Worry not. Here we have laid down a few simple points to keep in mind while hiring Software Developers, so that you get the perfect candidate to fulfil your vision.

  • Communication – Despite what movies may have you think, software developers don’t generally sit in dark basements all by themselves, with their Guy Fawkes masks on plotting world domination. No, because of the various layers of development required to create even a single webpage or app, these software designers have had to crawl out of their basements and start working with other people.

When you are hiring a developer for your team, you need to make sure that the candidate is adept at communicating with his team members and the competent enough to keep the management abreast of the progress in the project. Proper mastery of the target language is important to avoid any miscommunication in this particularly delicate field.

  • Technical Skills – I think it goes without saying that the candidate you are hiring should actually know how to do his job. If you are hiring a woodcutter, they should know how to handle an axe. Similarly, any software developer you hire should be an expert in their field, be it front-end, back-end, or full-stack. You can set up an appropriate assignment yourself to test them, however, if you lack the technical knowledge to do so, there are plenty of them available on the Internet to make your life easier.
  • Problem Solving Capabilities – Software Development is one of those fields that requires constant evaluation and improvement of the work, to avoid any bugs or glitches. Ensuring that your candidate is adept at problem solving alleviates the issues that cause a hindrance to the process and saves you a lot of development time.

How do you afford the right talent?

After you are done with formulating a detailed job description, it is time to put it out there for the hundreds of eager candidates to look at. Make sure you give them a thorough rundown of the responsibilities they will be handling, and explain to them your vision for the future of your company and how they should fit in to be a part of it. Post it on any of the hiring sites like LinkedIn, or Indeed, or even advertise for the post on your socials.

Now, I would also suggest that you state the salary you will be offering, so as to avoid wasting both the candidates time and yours. However, in today’s day and age it is very hard for a small business to compete with tech giants like Meta, Amazon or Apple, that might be willing to offer quarter of a million dollars for a similar position. The candidates you like might not be satisfied with the amount you offer, and the people that do accept the offer might be way below par of what you expect. So, how do you find the solution to this conundrum? 


Outsourcing the position of Software Development is your best bet to get the necessary talent, awhile still

Many Asian and South-Asian countries have excellent universities that are nearly free for students to access. With over millions of students graduating from them every year, with next to no student loan to take care of, these candidates are an untapped reserve of talent. Hiring remote developers via a Remote Resource LLC, will give your business the access to some of the most talented minds in India while you save over 60% of employee wages. Be wary though, that with these remote firms being dime a dozen, it might be hard to find one whose beliefs fit with the vision for your company. Do your research before you sign into any lengthy obligatory contracts.

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