6 Steps to Hiring a Graphic Designer from Remote Resource

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Hiring a Graphic Designer

6 Steps to Hiring a Graphic Designer from Remote Resource

Before we can disclose the 6 steps to hiring a graphic designer for your business, let’s turn back the pages to understand the role of art and graphics in human existence.


Art and graphics are fundamental to human existence. Humans have relied on art since prehistoric times to express themselves and communicate with each other. From ancient cave paintings to modern art and NFT, we have come a long way. However, over our course of evolution one thing hasn’t changed- the crucial role of art in shaping our cognitive, physical, and social abilities.


Therefore, you cannot ignore design while trying to build brand identity. In this context, you must hire a graphic designer. From flyers and brochures to websites and games, the right graphic design talent can breathe life into every aspect of your business. But finding the right talent at an affordable pay package can be a challenge.


Why You Should Hire a Graphic Designer with Us?

Because as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 270,900 graphic designer jobs in 2022. The average pay rate is $57,990 per year or $27.88 per hour. Moreover, the number of vacancies is expected to grow by 3% in the period 2022-32, almost as fast as the average of all occupations. And this precisely could create problems for small and medium businesses.

Because, as the industry tries to hire web designers, small businesses will have to compete with their bigger rivals for the best talents. This means the small businesses would have to either stretch their budgets or become content with mediocre talents.


Solutions to Hiring Issues


However, there are solutions to this precarious situation- hiring freelancers, hiring remote resources, and outsourcing. We will talk about each of these in detail over the following paragraphs.



Given the challenges associated with hiring a graphics designer, many businesses can choose to outsource graphic design. Businesses can choose from remote shoring, offshoring, or onshoring business models and find a competent organization to handle all their graphic design jobs.


The option offers cost-saving opportunity by leveraging economies of scale. However, as a business you won’t have any control over the output quality or oversight of the process.


Hiring Freelancers

Instead of outsourcing your design work or hiring a graphics designer in-house, you can also choose to hire a designer on freelance basis. The advantage of freelancers is that they charge a much lower rate than on-site designers. Moreover, you can hire them when you have work and can let them go during lean seasons.


However, like outsourcing you won’t have any control over the output quality or oversight of the process. Moreover, a freelancer often takes up multiple projects at the same time and might not dedicate their full attention to your project.


Hiring Remote Graphic Designers

A third alternative for businesses is to hire remote graphic designers. This option can help businesses make huge cost savings in terms of hiring costs. Moreover, you can also recruit from a wider talent pool and do not need a big office- helping you save money on rent, utilities, etc.


Besides, you can select the resources you want to work with, have them work in your time zone, and monitor their daily activities. And the remote graphic designers will solely work for your brand for the time you hire.


6 Steps to Hiring the Best Graphic Designer


The above discussion makes it clear why remote staffing is the best option when hiring a graphic designer. Now we will give 7 easy steps you can follow to hire the best graphic designer from a leading remote staffing organization, Remote Resource.


Step 1: Share Your Requirements

First, share your requirements for a graphic designer with us. Let us know about the job responsibilities, qualifications, and experience you are looking for in the selected candidate. If you are unsure about your needs, you can also contact our representative for expert advice.


Step 2: Choose from Pre-Vetted Resumes

Our team scans our internal database and lines up an assorted selection of candidates matching your requirements for an interview within two working days. You get to interview candidates from the top 10% of industry talent with us at no extra cost.


Step 3: Interview

You can video interview the candidates to assess their skills and talents. You can also request sample designs to evaluate the abilities of remote graphic designers.


Step 4: Free Trial

You can embark on a one-week free trial with our shortlisted candidate. This trial will provide you with better insights into their design prowess, communication abilities, and cultural fit.


Step 5: Finalize Your Decision and Finish Paperwork

After finalizing your chosen candidate, decide whether you want to hire the candidate full-time, part-time or on an ad-hoc basis. Sign the agreement and make the payment to confirm your decision.


Step 6: Begin Work

Congratulations! Your desire to hire a designer is fulfilled.

Your dedicated remote staff will start working with you as per your preferred time zone and shift timings. You can have an initial ice breaking session before you begin and explain the deliverables. It is always better to establish clear communication channels at the outset.


Summing up

In the above pages we have talked in length about why you should hire a designer. We have also discussed the different options you can choose from while hiring a Graphic Designer and disclosed their respective merits and demerits. The above discussion reveals why hiring a graphic designer through Remote Resource is superior compared to other hiring methods.


We have also disclosed the 6 steps you need to follow to hire an ideal remote designer through Remote Resource. Want to know more? Connect now.

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