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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Marketing Expert

So, you’ve got this awesome business. You’re hustling hard, offering killer products and services, and you’re all set to take the world by storm. But wait a minute – why aren’t you rocking on social media? Content reach is poor. There aren’t enough likes and shares. There’s no mention of your brand on the chatter. What’s happening? Well, you need a Social Media Marketing (SMM) Expert.


Here are some eye-openers for starters:

5.17 billion – that’s how many users social media platforms are expecting in 2024.

143 minutes – that’s how much time the average user spends daily on social media.

$219 billion – that’s the projected global social media ad spend for 2024.

28.8% – that’s social media’s share of total digital ad spending.

So, if you haven’t tapped into the goldmine of social media already, you are losing big time. But you know that don’t you? So, why not hire an SMM expert right away?


Here’s what Social Media Marketing Experts bring to the table:


1. SMM Experts speak the Social Media language:

Even if it doesn’t look that way, social media is a different ecosystem altogether. It’s a virtual confluence of ethnicities, cultures, and ideas that’s impossible to replicate in the real world. And where there’s a culture thriving, there’s a common language. SMM Experts speak the language of social media. They know the trends, memes, hashtags, and everything else that has to do with the social media common tongue. Let’s just say these experts are fluent in all things Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, you name it. Won’t you need such an interpreter on your team?


2. SMM Experts are Engagement Wizards:

It’s one thing to post stuff on social media and another thing to grab the attention of the virtual tribe. Likes, shares, comments – oh my! There’s so much stuff to measure the engagement levels of your socials. Because SMM experts know what’s trendy on social media right now, they can curate content that’s not just exclusive to your brand but also gets people talking. And when people start talking about your brand, you know you are doing things the right way.


3. SMM Experts are Masters of Content Creation:

Managing a business is a hard job already. Add to it the burden of writing catchy posts and designing digital art for your brand’s social media channels, and your life starts to look like a trainwreck. Thankfully, your friendly neighborhood Social Media Marketing expert is there to save the day for you. SMM experts excel in crafting witty posts, informative content, eye-catching graphics, and killer videos that stop the scroll and make people pay attention. Who knows, your next Facebook videos might go viral for all the right reasons! What’s better for your brand?


4. They are Data Wizards

It’s easy to confuse Social Media Marketing experts with Content creators because they are so good at producing catchy stuff. But SMM experts are equally good with numbers. A major part of their job involves analyzing social media metrics like reach, engagement rate, impressions, clicks, follower growth, conversion rate, sentiment analysis, share of voice, return on investment (for paid ads), and such. These stats and metrics reveal a lot about the kind of traction your brand is getting on social media and help shape future strategies. Think of your SMM expert as your in-house Data Scientist.


5. SMM Experts are Always Up to Speed:

Social media is like a high-speed train. Blink, and you might miss the latest trends and algorithm updates. Let’s be honest. Can you keep up to speed with the latest happenings in social media and manage your business side by side? Social Media Marketing experts are, however, always up-to-date about everything there is to know about various platforms, algorithms, and other more mathy stuff. Why? Because it’s their job! And when you have such an expert on your team, you can blink as much as you want without risking missing the latest trends.


6. PR Guru and Crisis Management Expert:

Social media can be a double-edged sword. While it offers immense opportunities for engagement and brand promotion, it also opens the door to potential PR crises. A Social Media Guru is well-equipped to handle such situations swiftly and effectively, mitigating damage to your brand’s reputation and turning negative feedback into positive outcomes.


7. Trend Forecasting Abilities:

Social media trends come and go at lightning speed, and staying ahead of the curve can give your business a significant competitive advantage. A Social Media Marketing expert has a knack for spotting emerging trends before they hit the mainstream, allowing your business to capitalize on new opportunities and stay relevant.


8. Community Building Skills:

Let’s face it: You need a tribe for your brand to become a hit on social media. And who do you look to for building a social media tribe? A Social Media guru! With their unmatched storytelling talents and data-driven psychic powers, SMM experts can build entire communities of fans around a brand, turning the brand name into a popular hashtag.

Enough said. Time to test the theory. But how can you test all that’s been said in this blog without hiring a Social Media Marketing expert for your brand? By the time you move your thinking muscles, your competition will have hired an army of Digital Marketing experts and SMM gurus. Don’t procrastinate. Think fast and ride the trend to business stardom.

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