How to use AI for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

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How to use ai for SEO

How to use AI for SEO?

It’s the largest elephant in the room that needs addressing!


With Artificial Intelligence quickly becoming a staple for Digital Marketing initiatives, marketing wizards are thinking up all kinds of ways to leverage AI to improve ranking. I get it. The whole thing can sound a bit nerdy, not least to first-time entrepreneurs making their foray into the digital world. But I’ll try to make things more digestible for you all.


Use of AI for SEO


Yes, the buzz surrounding Artificial Intelligence is new. That said, the use of this technology isn’t something that came about in the last one year or so. Case in point Google Lens and Translate. It’s just that AI technology is now more accessible to the average user and has become a potent tool in the hands of Digital Marketers.


What’s in It for Small Businesses?


For starters, small businesses and individuals on a shoestring budget can use AI tools to whip up content on short notice. There’s a plethora of AI-based content creation tools available as SaaS and almost all of them can be used for free to some extent. This means more content in less time and a greater chance of getting discovered on social media.


Harnessing the Power of AI for SEO


Sorry to keep you waiting but we are here finally. Here’s your ready reckoner on how to make AI boost your SEO game:


1. Keyword Research


Your SEO strategy hinges on researching keywords and using them in blogs, socials, basically anything that will go out into the digital world bearing your name. Old news. What’s new news is that you can use AI-based tools like Semrush’s Keyword Magic Tool to do the following things at a lightning-fast pace:


Find popular search terms in your niche market.


  • Get to understand the likes and dislikes of your target audience.
  • Build a bespoke content strategy around the previous two aspects.
  • Drive more organic traffic.


AI-based keyword research tools lend insight into metrics such as search intent, search volume, keyword difficulty, and such. While all this may not sound much to the untrained eyes and ears, data-driven AI-based keyword research arms Digital Marketers to the teeth to counter the competition.


2. Content Optimization


Alright, so content optimization is basically about making sure your stuff online is doing its job as best as it can. You know, like making sure your blog posts show up high in Google searches so that heaps of people see them. Imagine you’ve been churning out blog posts left and right, all related to your product, but for some reason, they’re not getting as much love as you hoped for.


Now, you could spend hours digging into why each post isn’t doing so hot. You’d have to sift through Google Analytics reports, check out where you’re sharing your stuff, and then try to spruce up each post one by one. But hey, why do all that manual work when you can let AI do the heavy lifting for you? The right AI tools can analyze your content and tell you exactly how to make it better.


AI-based SEO tools are pretty smart in suggesting ways to make your title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and other important stuff better. They use machine-learning tricks to spot what works well on other web pages, so you can tweak yours to get better results.


3. Backlink Analysis


Checking your backlinks regularly is a surefire way to give your website’s ranking a good boost. “How?” you ask. Well, it’s all about uncovering fresh, top-notch sources from your competitors’ backlinks. Doing this manually means you’d have to spend hours scouring the web, checking out who’s linking back to you and your rivals. But with AI-driven backlink analysis tools, you can skip all that hassle and save yourself a ton of time. AI-driven smart tools compare your backlink profile with your competitor’s and churn out data that is crucial to beat the competition.


4. Creating Schema Markup


Schema markup, aka structured data, is a type of code that assists search engines in identifying and showcasing rich results rather than plain text outcomes. Take the “book” markup, for instance, which provides Google with details such as a book’s summary, author, and release date. Instead of just displaying ordinary text, Google showcases this information on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in a more visually appealing format like this:


Google employs schema markup to recognize 31 different content types, such as recipes, instructional guides, events, and FAQs. This enables it to present more engaging and pertinent results, along with useful snippets. While there’s no concrete proof that schema markup directly impacts your ranking, presenting your content in visually appealing formats can certainly attract more readers.


However, tackling schema markup can be a daunting task because it involves writing lines of code. If you aren’t savvy with coding, all this can mean walking on burning ember bare feet. Cut the drama and get yourself an AI SEO tool like Jasper’s FAQ Schema Generator already!


5. Foresight: Predictive Analytics and Performance Monitoring


Using AI-powered SEO tools, Digital Marketers can predict how their SEO efforts will turn out, spot any problems before they happen, and adjust their strategies as needed. These tools look at past data and trends to figure out what might happen next in ‘search’. They can even guess when search engines might change their rules. Plus, with AI-powered analytics, marketers can keep an eye on things in real time, see how well their strategies are working, and use that info to keep getting better at SEO.


So, yes, using AI tools for SEO unearths a plethora of benefits for small businesses and established players alike. It lends the proverbial Midas touch to Digital Marketers, letting them wield their wands more effectively. If you are a business owner and not leveraging AI tools already, don’t waste a second more. Go ride the wave!

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