9 Reasons Why Blogs are important for your Website?

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Why Blogs are important for your website

9 Reasons Why Blogs are important for your Website?

Blogs constitute a major part of brand marketing. They bring brands to the forefront of attention in the digital landscape, giving them a larger footprint and more conversions.


  • 57% of content marketers believe that blogs result in more conversions.
  • 53% of content marketers prioritize blogs over other digital marketing channels.
  • 67% of B2B marketers believe they get more leads via blogs than anything else.


That says something about the power of blogs, doesn’t it? But you still aren’t sure why blogs are important for your website! Don’t worry, we’ll give you 9 reasons to focus on blogs for your digital marketing efforts. Read on!


1. Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


If you are serious about promoting your business online you are already aware of SEO. It is the Holy Grail of all digital marketing efforts! Without search engine optimized content there’s no chance of your website ranking on Google. And you don’t stand a chance in the highly competitive digital domain without potential customers finding you on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). That’s why companies hire SEO experts and Digital Marketers to ensure that no stone is left unturned in their efforts to get noticed.


What can contribute to and boost your website’s content better than blogs? Informative blogs highlight your EAT as a brand owner. So, what’s E.E.A.T?


  • Experience: Before you can begin to write stuff, ensure that you have first-hand experience in the matter. Otherwise, you’ll have to make up stuff and there are high chances of spreading wrong information that way.


  • Expertise: In simple terms, informative blogs on your niche market help establish you as an expert in your domain.


  • Authority: Once people begin to consider you an expert, you become an authoritative figure in your domain.


  • Trustworthiness: The combined effect of proving your Expertise and establishing Authority is gaining the trust of hundreds of thousands of potential customers!

Can you think of a better way to establish your brand? Hire Digital Marketers and they’ll tell you how to leverage blogs to increase your EAT score and turn the tide for your brand.


2. Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website


There’s a lot of buzz about gaining traction on social media and driving organic traffic. Long story short: you need more readers, and more readers means more customers. Period. Engaging blog content acts as a magnet, drawing in visitors who are interested in the topics you cover. When you share your blog posts on social media platforms and other online channels, you expand your reach and drive traffic back to your website. Compelling content encourages visitors to explore other pages on your site, potentially leading to increased conversions and customer engagement.


3. Connect with Your Audience MORE!


Blogs are like a cozy gathering place where you can chat with your audience. Whether they leave comments, share your posts on social media, or subscribe to your emails, it’s all about building real relationships. By talking and listening, you show you’re here for them, caring about what they think and feel.


4. Generate Interest and Sell More


Think of your blog as a smart salesperson who knows exactly what your customers want. When you write content that speaks to their needs and interests, you’re like a magnet pulling them to your website. As for those little nudges to sign up for your newsletter or grab a freebie, they’re like friendly reminders to say, “Hey, we’ve got something awesome here you don’t want to miss!”


5. Highlight Your Brand’s Persona


Your blog is your chance to let your brand’s personality shine. Whether you’re funny, informative, or heartfelt, your writing style, tone, and choice of topics paint a picture of who you are. Sharing stories, case studies, and even bloopers humanizes your brand, making it easier for people to connect with you on a deeper level.


6. Keep Your Website Alive and Kicking


Imagine your website as a garden that needs regular tending. Blogs are like fresh blooms that keep it looking vibrant and inviting. When you update your site with new content, you’re telling visitors and search engines, “Hey, we’re still here, and there’s always something exciting happening!” Plus, who doesn’t love a reason to come back for more?


7. Blogs Give You the Inside Scoop on Your Customers


Analyzing your blog’s performance is like peeking into your audience’s minds. You get to see which topics they love, which ones they skip over, and what makes them click. Armed with this knowledge, you can fine-tune your content strategy to give them more of what they crave, leading to more happy customers and conversions.


8. Boost Your Social Media Swagger


Your blog is a treasure trove of shareable content just waiting to be discovered. When you post your blog articles on social media, you’re casting a wider net, reaching new followers, and sparking conversations. And every share and like is like a pat on the back, saying, “Keep up the good work!” Plus, it drives traffic back to your site, making your online presence even more robust.


9. Fuel Discussions and Leave an Impression


Your blog isn’t just about putting words on a screen; it’s about starting conversations. When you share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences, you’re sparking something in your readers’ minds. They might agree, disagree, or have their own stories to add. Either way, your blog becomes a place where ideas flow freely, making your website a hub of lively discussion and engagement.


Expert Tip: When it comes to blogs, avoid trying to sell your products directly. This can affect your page ranking and hurt your chances of getting discovered. Refer to your products as part of your advice to customers. Highlight why they are better than the competition. Focus on their unique selling points (USP).


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. I don’t have the time to write blogs. Is it worth the effort?


A: Time is precious, we get it. But think of your blog as an investment in your website’s future. Sure, it takes a bit of effort to create and maintain, but the payoff is worth it. From boosting your SEO and driving traffic to building relationships with your audience, a well-rounded blog can work wonders for your online presence. Plus, once you get into the groove, blogging becomes second nature. If still think you can’t make the time to write blogs, hire SEO content writers from Remote Resource ® and let them work their magic.


Q2. I’m not a writer. Can I still benefit from having a blog?


A: Absolutely! You don’t need to be the next Shakespeare to rock a blog. It’s all about sharing your thoughts, experiences, and expertise in a way that feels natural to you. Whether you’re a whiz with words or more of a visual storyteller, there’s always a blogging style that best suits your vibe. If you still feel queasy about writing, hire blog writers to do your bidding. They are professionals trained in the art of painting word pictures.


Q3. How can a blog help my small business?


A: Picture your blog as a secret weapon for your small biz. It’s like having a megaphone to shout about what makes you awesome. By sharing helpful tips, showcasing your products or services, and telling your story, you’re not just promoting your business – you’re building trust with your audience. Plus, with a blog, you can compete with the big dogs in your industry without breaking the bank. It’s a win-win!


That’s Blogging for Business 101 for you!


The advent of information technology has made it possible for small businesses to turn into bona fide multinationals by leveraging platforms like social media. Blogging turns out to be one of the best ways to leverage such platforms and spread the word about one’s brand. Call it Blogging for Business or spreading brand awareness, either way you will be doing your brand a solid by starting a series of blogs on your niche domain.

If you still aren’t sure why blogs are important for your website, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to enlighten you.

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